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Amazing Things Are Happening Today! (Using Intention to Prosper Yourself and Everything Around.)

Jun 3, 2018


“Amazing, wonderful things are happening today!” This is a phrase my wife Julia and I picked up from one of the communities that we play for from time to time. We have been saying it with conviction and belief and have been really tickled with the “amazing, wonderful things” that are happening!

The very first day, Julia found a bag of jewelry that she thought she had lost weeks ago at a gig and it was found in a suitcase that she had previously searched multiple times. Recently, I had a health scare and was told to have my lungs checked for a possible issue. I went for tests and the X-rays and the Dr. gave me the “all clear!” This past week, we were getting ready to mail a registration check for an event that we will be attending and before we got the stamp on the envelope, we received an email that said our admission fee had been covered. With each amazing thing that happens, we rock the gratitude to complete the rippling circuit.

This is, of course, not a new concept to use positive thought and emotion to inspire forward motion. It is just one tool of intention to connect to the stream of light that flows through us continuously. But if that concept is still too difficult to embrace, you can say, “Amazing things are happening!” when something great happens to you. It will allow your good fortune to be celebrated fully and encourage that energy to flow. It can a fun way to express your gratitude.

I am finding that when I shift my intention to notice and receive healthy abundance, it is being confirmed wherever I put my focus.

At the suggestions of a good friend, we recently finished listening to an incredible book called, You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. Jen used to be a punk rocker and her language is colorful, but she really is inspiring. I highly recommend listening to the audio book to hear her delivery. Not only is she funny but the material is invaluable. She not only prompts you to look at your beliefs about money to shift your intention,

but she reveals the ingredients for what she calls the “Cocktail of Creation”: Belief, Clarity, Focus, Faith, Urgency, Decisive Action, Tenacity, Gratitude.

“When you’ve got all these pieces in place and working together, ain’t nothing you can’t do.”

– Jen Sincero

It’s all about the energy behind our intention and the tenacity of holding that intention with patience. This quote just sums it up for me:

“Money is energy. When your energy is vibrating at the highest frequency possible, the frequency of love, you are a freaking tornado of awesomeness swirling up all the goodness and riches around you and showering them back out into the world for the benefit of everyone you touch!”- Jen Sincero

This isn’t just about money. It is about being connected to what is amazing in, through and around us, especially our physical environment.

My aunt Jan turned us onto a sweet romantic movie called Dare to Be Wild. The film is about Mary Reynolds, who against all odds, won the Chelsea Flower Show in London. Her success was not based on ego but rather, her intention to remind the gardeners of the world to mimic the wild “untouched places of natural beauty” that give us an inner sense of peace within our own spaces.

The movie inspired me to research further, so I am currently reading and enjoying Mary Reynold’s book, The Garden Awakening. I am always excited to find noticeable parallels to the concept of the stream of light that passes through each of us as a constant connection to the universe. I was struck to find the same message in her book reiterated as the “Abhainn” which, in old Irish means, “the river of life,” where Mary emphasizes, “we can make anything we imagine come to pass.” Mary points out that, “the land will always have its own intentions,” and while, “almost all of modern garden maintenance is about preventing the land from becoming what it wants to be,” we can still find a balance that brings us peace on a deep satisfying level.

Being able to recognize that the land is alive with its own intention, maybe a huge leap of faith for some but it opens us up the wonders that are all around us waiting to be noticed.

This weekend, Julia and I listened to an episode of Radio Lab that delved into the study of the ability of trees to communicate with one another. Part of the study featured a tree dying in the forest that bestowed its nutrients, not only to its next of kin or those of its kind, but to the newest growth in the forest that would benefit from those nutrients. The program was highlighting that the trees do, in fact, see the forest as a whole and share the understanding that everything is interconnected.


By each of us recognizing, claiming and being grateful for the amazing wonderful things that are happening today, in, through, around and for us, we can not only prosper, but become like the trees and nurture the whole of our collective forest and world.

“Each small thing contains within it the whole of nature; and within the whole all things are included.”- Mary Reynolds

“Each small thing contains within it the whole of nature; and within the whole all things are included.”- Mary Reynolds

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