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Stream of Light

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Stream of Light: Tuning into what is always present within us.

Greetings! Thanks for being here!

The Stream of Light is a post-meditation writing that accesses the universal signal that passes through us continuously. It is a positive broadcast that seeks to uplift and include you. Beyond the Stream, the blog will spotlight the author’s reflections as well as those who are making the world a brighter place through their dedicated benevolence and creative caring.

“The stream of light flows through each of us. It is a stream constantly in motion, bringing us, connecting us the wisdom of the universe and one that can take away our suffering. We stand in the current of this stream at all times but with the internal chatter of our anxieties, and the restless distraction of the collective suffering around us, it is drowned out, or perceived as white noise. Through silence and intention we can each tune into the stream, calling it what we like and regardless of how we see ourselves, receive internal wisdom and guidance. “

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