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Power to heal from injurious interactions

Dr. Joe Dispenza


On Mother’s Day, my friend Angie shared a story with me about a chiropractor, Dr. Joe Dispenza. While running a triathlon, Dr. Joe was run over by a truck. He was told he needed an operation that would probably leave him paralyzed. Instead, for eleven weeks he lay on his back using his mind to visualize his back in healthy formation. The result was that he was able to get up and go back to seeing his patients. He did this without surgery or needing a body brace. Here is a link to his discussion of the event:

On Monday, Julia and I listened to David Miscavige’s father Ron talk about escaping from Scientology. It took him six months to get away from a compound where they did not allow him contact with the outside world. We thought of similar cases of people escaping from certain oppressive Hassidic, Mormon, Islamic, Christian and other extreme communities. There are always splinter groups who try to imprison individuals into group scenarios that serve a few who are distorting, even liberating ideas into a form of human trafficking.

Last night, my mom and aunt were in town and we saw the Broadway play The Humans. It showed how members of a single family could become like these splinter groups. By holding onto secrets and regrets, insults, our judgements and disappointments can get lobbed back and forth. This can keep everyone down. Instead of supporting one another, the family tie can also keep us tethered to the point where even love becomes stagnant.

I am incredibly grateful to have such a loving and supportive family, which prompts me to be loving and supportive to those around me. Still, I recognize that sometimes interactions with those close to us, either family or in our community can feel like getting run over by a truck. Like Dr. Joe Dispenza, we can use the power of our visualization and intention to heal and become whole again.

As I finished writing this, Julia and I were talking and noticed that use of power is an additional theme. We remembered Ron Miscavige stating that his son assumed the power to take over the Scientology empire. Literally stating “power is not given, it is assumed”.

Dr. Joe utilized a similar principle, but for healing. Literally stating, “The power that made the body, heals the body.”

Thank you for your loving being. May we survive being victims and use our power to become the healers of our concentric heart.


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